Fried Bologna Sandwich First Attempt 

Fried Bologna Sandwich? It’s a Pittsburgh thing.

I didn’t grow up here so I’ve only heard about them. Today I looked the the fridge and found the deli bologna I bought for Steve to make his Akron Sandwich special. I think it might be sliced a bit thin but then I actually looked up a Recipe  one said 3 thin better than one thick. Hmmmmm

Got out the trusty cast iron skillet and put iibutter in the hot pan. Didn’t take long for it to sizzle and fry up. Put on a slice of bread with mustard.  Delicious.  I would add it to the comfort food list for sure! I know  I’ve heard Pittsburghers refer to  bologna  as Jumbo. 

It’s Game Day in the Burgh! 


14 thoughts on “Fried Bologna Sandwich First Attempt 

  1. A definite favorite of Mike’s – thin slices for sure. He also likes it with mayo on toast, like Vincie. Comfort food is right! His family did call it Jumbo.

  2. A family of 9 growing up, bologna was a . . . staple, in our house.
    Thin or thick we found making one cut in the bologna slice from center to the edge kept more of the meat on the skillet; less curling.
    Great pics and looking forward to the game tonight!

  3. PS: Every time I think of bologna sandwiches I can’t stop myself from hearing “Oscar Mayer has a way, with “b” “o” “l” “o” “g” “n” “a.”

  4. I grew up eating these too – and yes to a cut from center to edge to prevent curling. And toasted bread. Our dime store lunch counter had them on the menu.

  5. Ruth- my sister and I went through a phase ( some time between ages 5-8 ) when we insisted on fried bologna sandwiches at least twice / day – until 1 of us got sick :-)) That put an end to the obsession.
    I’ll call her to see if she shares that memory.

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