Parachute Action Figure Stuck in the Birch Tree

Jack tried repeatedly to dislodge the nylon parachute guy from the birch tree in the backyard. Stuck!  It was a stunning winter day. Gray and white clouds, blue sky and just below freezing temp. A day for the real camera and not the phone.IMG_0066.JPG

His dad was going to help himtry to retrieve it later after work but I wasn’t there to find out if they succeeded.

7 thoughts on “Parachute Action Figure Stuck in the Birch Tree

  1. Oh, the humanity! How I remember losing similar parachutes, kites, and the like. Just about anything that could be sent into the air was destined to stay there, either in a tree, tangled in wires, or atop a roof. “Stupid wind!” 🙂

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