25 thoughts on “How Green is my Gallery

    • Thanks Rainee. I opened some old folders and just looked for greens. A bit of a hodgepodge but certainly a variety of shades of green. I bet you could do the same.

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  2. Green is a peaceful color. Your photos are so clear and crisp and calming. The children and their dog add joy. Thanks Ruth for a great way to start the day.

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  3. This is the best collection of yours that I’ve seen, it’s glorious! I can’t believe your youngest grandson has grown so quickly and the photo of some of the others running up hill is fab. Where was the forest, hills and river scene photographed?

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    • Oh and Gilly I’ll have to do a better job identifying photos. That’s Jack (10)a few years ago not Charlie who’ll be two end of June. The green caught my eye when I was scanning through my archives


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