15 thoughts on “I can’t pronounce it, can you?

  1. My favorite. My mom got me hooked on these. Just had one a few days ago at the Italian market and cafe. My mom taught me to say it like this…sss-fig-a-del’. Every Italian baker has known what I’m asking for. Love them.

  2. The beginning is a f-plus-hiss-O and the glia is “yah” and the end is not hard but in real Italian you pronounce BOTH l’s with a tiny pause between them. As noted above, “del’ is the colloquial version. Yummy too.

  3. I remember having this in Italy. Our guide disappeared for half an hour and came back with enough for everyone. Sooo delicious. I guess it’s pronounced like tagliatelle but with a sfo instead of the ta.

    • Yes, I think that’s the right way, like tagliatelle. It’s actually fun to pronounce and you feel so proud when you get it right at the bakery. I used to get them at Ferrara’s in Little Italy in NYC.

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