St. Joseph at St. Michael in St. Augustine

St. Joseph Feast Day March 19     IMG_3592


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 NPR story about zeppoles (pastry) – Providence Rhode Island at LaSalle Bakery

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Vincenzo Displays Easter Breads in Preparation for Sunday

Pasticceria Rocco. 243 Bleecker Street.  When Mary and I had our hot cross buns and cappuccino, this nice young man gave me a detailed tour of the pastries in all the glass cases.  He knew I was from out of town.  When we returned the next evening he was there and I asked if I might take his photo.  He reached for the loaves (Egg Bread and Panettone) and was an enthusiastic subject.  Friday, the devout are fasting and not considering eating the delicious breads until Sunday but you should have seen the Egg Cookies being wrapped up in white boxes and tied with string, flying out of the place! The Struffoli looked enticing, too.

Easter Egg Cookies, not the Egg Bread.