Something there is that does love a bridge

Something there is that does love a bridge

The Pittsburgh Bridges galleries from the past two days have evoked a tremendous response from blog viewers. The views today add more weather and some are taken from the river while on the Ducky Tour or the wedding below.

Cheri Lucas Rowlands at WordPress really unleashed so many of the BRIDGE photos I’ve taken.   And finding so many images with bridges makes me realize I have taken bridges for granted.

And my friend V is right about the photos- people respond to the the bridge structures, NOT the sunsets taken from a bridge.

Smithfield Bridge in the snow

Smithfield Bridge in the Snow 712


bridge PNC Park couple 709


roberto 711

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.53.38 AM

Pickle Bridge 718



SINGER SONGWRITER-Sue Gartland  (Ford Fairlaine link)

Sue Gartland 716

bridge 707



Railroad Bridge Allegheny 715

cupples stadium bridge 712

Ready to lace up the panels for Knit the Bridge


cupples stadium bridge 711

homestead gray 729.jpg

Kevin and Kat were married on the Three Rivers Queen and there are numerous shots with various bridges in their wedding highlights.


bridge at night 728


night bridge 726.jpg

15 thoughts on “Something there is that does love a bridge

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  2. Pittsburgh bridges are intriguing. The old Glenwood bridge with its’ rickety wooden deck comes to mind. We would hold our breath as we drove across it thinking it woud surely collapse under the weight of the vehicle traffic including street cars. A new bridge was built through the early to mid 60s forever removing the challenge of sucessfuly crossing the Mon river.

  3. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something so beautiful and emotionally evocative about a bridge. I wonder. Is it because it connects us all to each other, or that it opens the way to new adventure?

  4. What – no picture of the Bridge to Nowhere! A lovely collection of Pittsburgh Bridges Ruth E. I’ve enjoyed seeing them the past 3 days.

    • I never realized how many bridge shots I had in my archives. Thinking about collecting some new views. Thanks Cee

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