Toddler in the Mist




Toddler in the mist.

Charlie (2) joins cousins Maura and Michael in the cloudy mist.

The first time it started and hissed and the air got foggy, he ran out, not knowing what to expect.

Wasn’t long before he joined them in the Cloud Arbor by Artist Ned Kahn.
When we finish our time at the Children’s Museum the kids always run to the tall metal pipes and eagerly wait for the start of the misty foggy cloud.

You should hear the happy squeals.

The Cloud Arbor.


14 thoughts on “Toddler in the Mist

  1. Charlie is cautious which is good. Once he commits he is all in though. I am certain that he was not able to contain himself once he saw his Mom and cousins having so much fun. I can hear their laughter and imagine your smiles. I am thinking that the cloud arbor is cool like the early morning mist at the top of a mountain along the Blue Ridge or somewhere like it. I can almost feel it. Man, my day dreams are vivid this morning. Nice to live the experience via your photos. It is what the peace of the early morning brings to me.

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