Funnel Cake with fresh strawberries and cream or unadorned?

Funnel Cake

I try to keep the blog in real time but these images are from the archives.

My bowl of ice cream with the fresh peach and triple ginger cookies from yesterday got me thinking about how desserts satisfy.

I photographed these desserts in  Ohio.

I didn’t eat it myself but the  the satisfaction factor was there for the nice woman who bought it and ate it (after she let me shoot it!)funnel cake 730

and here is another person’s funnel cake – unadorned – well, a dusting of powdered sugar

funnel cake 731


Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 11.38.13 PM

13 thoughts on “Funnel Cake with fresh strawberries and cream or unadorned?

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  2. Okay, so the strawberries and whipped cream might be my favorite except that I love powdered sugar. Either way the funnel cakes look like they are delicious. I can almost taste them. How can one limit sweets when treats like these are available? Tough to turn and walk away at least for me.

    • Basically it’s fried dough. Delicious when warm. Seriously it’s best to share so no regrets later-digestive or hips-wise- Have a good week, Jo.

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