Rounding the Corner Pittsburgh Marathon Mile 21

Rounding the corner Pittsburgh Marathon Mile 21.  From the archives.  Sorry to not identify  runner- he was a leader by a large margin.    Weekly Photo Challenge is Corner- Highland Avenue and Bryant Street


10 thoughts on “Rounding the Corner Pittsburgh Marathon Mile 21

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  2. A marathon is quite an accomplishment. It takes so much work and focus. You captured a wonderful moment Ruth E.

  3. It is going to be hard to top Michael and Murphy. Your photo shows this runner coasting along. You get the sense that he is a good runner by his form. I ran three Pittsburgh Marsthons. In my case I did not call it running. I called it “not walking.” I remember this corner well.

  4. This is another great choice for the weekly photo challenge. I’ve loved all of your corner posts. I’d be interested to see the photos of other entrants. Your posts have been so creative and varied.

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