There Aren’t Sufficient Adjectives


Kind, generous, considerate, helpful, responsible, creative – a genuinely good person with a thoughtful heart…and I’m not just saying this cause I’m grandmother.

Proud of all you’ve accomplished and looking forward to your future!

Wishing you the happiest birthday, Anna Catherine. Fourteen years old? Wow. I remember the day you were born.

And don’t forget, you’re the one who made up the grandma name Froo Froo (Ruthie)

love you,


Thirteenth Birthday Post


12 thoughts on “There Aren’t Sufficient Adjectives

  1. I remember the day Anna was born and how happy and excited you were. Happy Birthday. Anna is a lovely young lady.

  2. What a beautiful young lady. Nice to hear you are beautiful on the inside as well. Happy 14th Birthday to you Anna!

  3. Happy Birthday, Dearest Anna! I can hardly believe you’re 14. Where did the time go? I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing year to come. Sending hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh. XOXOXO

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