Walnut trees along the Ohio River

I don’t see a lot of walnut trees in the city. These trees are at my friends’ home on Neville Island.

Crop of photo below taken with a 24-70 lens     Preparing for winter


Photographed Monday

Look at the weather change on Tuesday afternoon,6086AA38-BB46-4F96-A0E1-7D6CFDA953E4

blue sky and the temps in the 80s

18 thoughts on “Walnut trees along the Ohio River

  1. Love the perch. Dad grew walnut trees. He would have us rake up the harvest from 3 large trees and spread the green shelled nuts on the heavy gravel of the sloped part of the driveway. After a few weeks of being run over the nuts were collected and individually driven through a board with a nut size hole in it using a rubber mallet to remove the blackened husk remnants. Finally the nuts were dumped into the old Maytag wringer washer tub, washed and dried. Walnuts for another year. Now I just buy them at Costco.

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