Walnut trees along the Ohio River

I don’t see a lot of walnut trees in the city. These trees are at my friends’ home on Neville Island.

Crop of photo below taken with a 24-70 lens     Preparing for winter


Photographed Monday

Look at the weather change on Tuesday afternoon,6086AA38-BB46-4F96-A0E1-7D6CFDA953E4

blue sky and the temps in the 80s

18 thoughts on “Walnut trees along the Ohio River

  1. It looks so serene , no ripples on the Ohio. You truly captured the season. Love the squirrel photo.

  2. Whoa – what an amazing close up! I love seeing the progression from close to far away; the perspective is very cool.

  3. Love the perch. Dad grew walnut trees. He would have us rake up the harvest from 3 large trees and spread the green shelled nuts on the heavy gravel of the sloped part of the driveway. After a few weeks of being run over the nuts were collected and individually driven through a board with a nut size hole in it using a rubber mallet to remove the blackened husk remnants. Finally the nuts were dumped into the old Maytag wringer washer tub, washed and dried. Walnuts for another year. Now I just buy them at Costco.

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