Pedestrians on Cell Phones in NYC

Downright dangerous.

From my archives March 2013

I remember taking these photos as my sister and I walked down Fifth Avenue. Photographed with a Canon 5D.   I shot 188 images in about 45 minutes, Here are a few. Too many I know but it was hard to choose.

Pedestrians on cell phones can get distracted  and crossing the street while staring at your screen is risky.  These pedestrians were easy to photograph cause they weren’t paying attention to me. Well, maybe one or two noticed.

You could write a phone conversation dialogue for the images.

Three different women on a cell.
IMG_6430 - Version 2.jpgIMG_6517.jpg



16 thoughts on “Pedestrians on Cell Phones in NYC

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  2. I have seen pedestrians on cell phone walk into walls, a poll and a car. I’m sure ERs everywhere are seeing injuries related to cell phone use. Amazing number of photos!

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  3. Whenever I come across someone walking, looking down at their cell, definitely oblivious to me (and the world around them), I kind of want to just slap the phone out of their hand. So far I have restrained myself from doing so….

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