Crocheted Tree Blankets on Christopher Street

When we arrived in the city Tuesday evening after the long train ride from Pittsburgh we walked down to the Hudson River after supper. It was dark so I didn’t see the colorful crocheted blankets on the trees.
Then yesterday we were on Hudson Street and WHOA- there they were brightening up the landscape.
Here’s an article about the creator of the project – Holly Boardman owner of Musée Lingerie on Christopher says ” It takes about one hour to crochet a single square, and we have over 1,880 squares on our Christopher Street block. That took about 80 days!”

A total transformation of ordinary tree trunks into colorful street art

Here’s the first one I spotted on Hudson Street and then we rounded the corner on Christopher…

14 thoughts on “Crocheted Tree Blankets on Christopher Street

  1. I have to admit you have such unique introduction – I was deeply touched since I visited this great city – enjoy every moment!

  2. Knit the Bridge. Crochet the Trees! FUN!!! Love the orange and blue one-about in the middle

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