Lights in the Darkness

Left Pittsburgh Saturday morning and drove into wet snow in Ohio. Michael, Jack and Maura had fun in the city but were excited to be back home, too.

Tonight after supper, Erika drove the kids and me around several neighborhoods to see the lights. They looked cheerful.

Here are a couple of lights to counteract the darkness of winter. The one house had cars lined up to see the homeowner’s efforts.

8 thoughts on “Lights in the Darkness

  1. I walked back from our marina as dusk was gathering last night, and it’s always a joy to spot the decorations along the way. A very merry Christmas, Ruth! 🙂 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures – I love to see the bright lights against the framework of darkness. I wish people would leave them on through the winter. Brightens my mood.

  3. I love the Christmas lights. They brighten the darkness and make the night feel so festive. I agree with Sue. I wish people would leave them on through the winter.

    • I drove the kids around a Pittsburgh neighborhood( hence no pics as I was behind the wheel) and we all gave the house lights a score 1-10. Lots of differing opinions!

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