Anyone Still Collect Matchbooks?

Anyone still collect matchbooks? Do restaurants still have them in a large glass snifter for the taking? I know people who’ve collected colorful and interesting ones from fancy or fun establishments-but years ago.

Brides and Grooms names on matchbook covers were once a popular wedding favor.

I saw this matchbook at my son and DIL’s home, and wasn’t sure how long they’ve had it. I keep the same brand of kitchen matches in a drawer- like box.

18 thoughts on “Anyone Still Collect Matchbooks?

  1. I know that people collect match books. This is an interesting theme. Since it reads presidents of the united states I wonder if it is one of a series starting with Washington. If so, I wonder if somebody is out there collecting all of the presidents. It would be tough to do. What if somebody had every one except Jefferson? This one could be very valuable. Here I go free associating again.

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    • Where do you get your matches? Do you buy matches at the grocery store? So many people now use those long lighters but that might be not in keeping with the Sabbath.


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