Pink Elephant on a Lawn

Saw this pink elephant all lit up on a lawn as I drove the grandkids home from swimming practice. I drove around the block to try to get s better photo on the phone and the kids groaned. I thought it was blogworthy.

14 thoughts on “Pink Elephant on a Lawn

  1. We think it is really interesting and fun. Wonder what message the owner was trying to convey if any ? Now you see it now you don’t. Glad you went back to be sure.

  2. Definitely blog worthy. But an elephant. . .couldn’t be for Christmas. . .could it?

    • It will make for a good story. “Remember the time we had to drive around the block so our grandmother could take a photo?” Thanks Gilly

  3. I can just hear your grandkids groaning as you circle back for the shot – hilarious. I’m glad you made the second round so that we can see this image; it’s pretty cool! Definitely unique.

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