Finding What’s Good About Returning Home After the Holiday

My house is quiet this morning and it’s zero degrees with a windchill of plenty below.

I got back to Pittsburgh yesterday evening. I miss them all now, having spent two weeks with my families in Ohio.

This morning in my kitchen I see my 33 year old self looking at me making toast and wonder where the time flew – I took a cake decorating class in Germany with my friend J when Laura was small.

There’s the reliable top of the line toaster from my dear friend V.

Best 50th birthday present, still working wonderfully fifteen years later.

There’s the new ceramic pour over I received from James and Laura this Christmas. The family photo mug Marlene created for me last Christmas waiting for hot coffee to drip in it. The new spices and tiny lidded butter dish from J in Florida. Oh and the new spices on the rack from her,too. There are Christmas cards to read, bills to pay, Laundry, ordinary life stuff.

At my daughter’s home it’s “pour over” and mugs of places traveled. Every morning my DIL would make a fresh carafe of coffee. Both types delicious. How lovely it is to have someone serve you coffee. I made a pot in their fancy machine but I know they like it a certain way.

Five grandchildren in two homes guarantee fun, laughter and lots of activity. I like playing. Here at home, I’m thinking about finishing knitting projects, checking out a book at the library, hoping the pipes don’t freeze, going to a doctor’s appointment, meeting friends for lunch next week and continuing my efforts to reduce the accumulations in the house with multiple thrift shop trips with donations. I found I had difficulty doing this ongoing task so hired an expert to assist me, spur me on. Need to clear out my third floor.

It’s good to be home in my kitchen.

I’ll catch up on the blog and reply to comments, think about what’s next.

Schedule a battery replacement for my iPhone, (link to a Washington Post Article Below Run Don’t Walk To Replace Iphone Battery for $29). I won’t be running to the nearby Apple store as there is no availability support said to try tomorrow to schedule.

16 thoughts on “Finding What’s Good About Returning Home After the Holiday

  1. I read your blog daily. It always brings a smile to my face and I definitely look forward to it. This one, by far, is my favorite. It is life and I appreciate you giving me a peek into it.

  2. A thoughtful post Ruth – I hope you settle into the New Year with ease. I too like reading your blog Ruth and hearing about your extended family. Sounds like a lot of love there!

    • Thanks Rainee. Although you are oceans away I feel our connection. Takes time to re-enter this life at home. All the best in 2018 to you and yours.

  3. Eileen has an appointment in Boston to replace my iPhone battery on Monday.
    Stay warm and welcome to 2018,,,

  4. Welcome home Ruth. We wish peace and joy for you and yours for all days to come. We know it is tough leaving children and grandchildren. Hopefully it will help to know that we appreciate you and your photos. Home and family pictures are our favorites although we like being surprised by each and every theme. You really do brighten our day, so thank you.

  5. Transitions of all types can be hard. Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy your toast and coffee. Smile back at the 30-year-old you who is smiling so brightly. Love her, and love your present-day being as well.

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