Two Airedales By Anna

Two Airedales by Anna.

It’s a week of guest blogs. Why not? I’m not in my own home and the contributions to the blog have been most welcomed.

Captured this morning by granddaughter Anna (14)

Josie looking in and Henry asking to go out.

12 thoughts on “Two Airedales By Anna

  1. Looks like Anna has a good eye for unique photos. Must take after her Grandmother Ruth. This one is fun. We find our pets good for the spirit of the family. We had dogs for 30 years. We watch our neighbor’s dog a few times per week. He is with us today. We know from experience that Josie and Henry bring much joy to the McGrath family.

  2. This is a great shot! Josie and Henry’s faces are so expressive. We could write captions for their thoughts. Good job, Anna!

  3. Love guest blogs – and posts by family members are even more special.

    As for the dogs – grass is always greener, eh?

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