A Roomful of Cellos

A roomful of cellos. A closet full of violas. Basses along the wall. And violins galore! Friday we got the tour of The Loft Violin Shop on High Street in Columbus OH by the owner himself, Mr. David Schlub. They’ve been in business for more than forty years. String quartets have played in the different rooms and then rotated after a half hour or so. Wouldn’t that be great to hear the music made by these beautiful wooden instruments?

“From the moment you walk in our workshop, you will understand our commitment to old world craftsmanship and fine stringed instruments.”


23 thoughts on “A Roomful of Cellos

  1. Wow! I really like this series of photos. My 11-year-old grandson goes to a music school in Berkeley, CA, (the Crowden School, whose slogan is “Music changes everything”) so I have seen a room full of students playing violins and/or cellos — and even a few violas, but I’ve never seen this many string instruments in one place.

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    • Thanks Ken. Great slogan! How wonderful your grandson goes to that music school. Always good to see you on the blog and I appreciate your nice comments.


    • The cello is about my favorite instrument but I can’t play it. Yes, a lovely sound. Thanks Gilly. Loved seeing Christine on your post, thinking about your being together.


  2. Little doubt that Mr. Schlub is passionate about the Cello and more. Cellos and violins are soooo classy. So good of him to show you around. I am betting he is a real gentleman who really knows the indtuments that he loves. I know I am reading a lot into your photos. Cannot help it. I am thinking Mr. Holland’s Opus for some reason.


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