32nd Annual Duckling Day

Saturday was the 32nd Annual Duckling Day at the Whetstone Branch of the Columbus Library.

Charlie wore his duck costume with mask on for more than an hour. The library had provided the materials to create the paper costume. There were some real ducks to watch splash in a baby pool And a parade led by some of the marching band. The NACHO band played outside the library. I forgot to mention that the 72 degree weather of yesterday dropped thirty degrees today. Brrrr 42!

The puppet show, crafts and folk music inside the library were all fun activities for the kids.

So here’s the blog post featuring Charlie while trying to omit photos of the other children. There was quite a crowd.

Thanking all of the sponsors who made the event possible. Each child received a goody bag with a book!

Here’s Charlie earlier in the day, gluing on the paper feathers



16 thoughts on “32nd Annual Duckling Day

  1. What a cool event for children. Great that Charlie helped to make his costume. He and Laura sure know how to have fun together.

  2. That costume is the best and kudos to Charlie for keeping it on! Laura looks good too!

  3. I LOVE how much Charlie loved his costume! This is so incredible.

    And, I appreciate you not sharing the images of other children. Some people just don’t think about that; I appreciate that you do.

    • He kept it on and enjoyed it. I didn’t see many kids with the paper mask on their face but pushed up on their heads. I try to omit other children’s images as best I can.

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