Grateful for Birthdays

Grateful for birthdays. It was a happy but quiet celebration. Glad my sister is here. More family coming in soon. It was a relaxing day.

Steve, Mary and I took a walk around the Highland Park Reservoir after supper. We got drenched when a sudden thunderstorm appeared just after I took these photos of the peaceful water.

Our power has been out a few hours now. Heard a tree is down on Highland Avenue. Wires down. Hope it can be fixed soon.

25 thoughts on “Grateful for Birthdays

  1. Great cloud photos RuthE. I’m glad you had a good birthday. I don’t think of birthdays as getting a year older. I think of them as being alive another day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ruth! Dramatic photos of the storm that knocked out the power in your neighbourhood! I wonder if it also knocked down your post on A. WordPress said oops!

    • The a post was an inadvertent oops on my part although we were powerless for 36 long hours. Thanks for the birthday wishes Peter

  3. Beautiful photos. Hope Mary stays for your Opening 07-07!!! That storm ‘took the cake!” Thunder lasted at least 1.5 hours here!!! and what a downpour! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxoxox

  4. The weather here was crazy, too. A MASSIVE rainstorm from 4-9 am, followed by completely clear skies the rest of the day. So kooky. I hope you weren’t without power for too terribly long.

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