19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This is so unique. The water is so calm aloowing for soft reflections. I wonder what iit is? It looks industrial. I worked in J & L’s in my younger days. It seems like it could be part of the steel mill. I know I loaded barges on the Mon. I wish it wasn’t wordless Wed. I am very curious now. And could use a verbal description. Then again that is probably the poinnt for not using words. In that case you sure got me on this one.

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    • My friends husband says “it’s part of a water discharge or intake, from a mill. He’s thinking mostly likely an intake”. Pittsburgh used to have lots of steel mills. Down to one now.

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  2. I suspect whatever is behind the doors is terribly less interesting than what our imaginations conjure. I’ll remain with the mystery.


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