One Night in Oslo

The Knitting Cruise ended Thursday morning and we took a bus to the Kirkenes Airport, dispersing to various destinations. I’m headed to Reykjavík via one night in Oslo. After supper I walked and walked around the city, realizing my time in Oslo is short.

Here’s my night gallery of Oslo.

16 thoughts on “One Night in Oslo

  1. An excellent group of photos, particularly given the short amount of time you had. Lots of variety. Good job.

    • Too much artificial light for trolls to walk out. They come “in the hours of darkness” our guide said the other day.

  2. Your photos of Oslo at night make the city look magical. I would like to see it in daylight too.

  3. It is all about the subjects and the lighting at night. Everthing looks so clean. I studied each photo. The sculpture of one person holding another person is intriguing. A number of stories come to mind from this one object. Your photos are beautiful.

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