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This afternoon my daughter Laura sent me some photos of their family outing to Franklin Park Conservatory. It looked like so much fun, I wish I’d been there too. Seeing the photos of Charlie enjoying the Pumpkin House made me smile. Thanks Laura.

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  1. American culture has permeated Australia so deeply, that because pumpkins are out of season in Spring, our supermarkets import American pumpkins so people can do pumpkin carving.
    I wouldn’t mind so much if pumpkin pie was more popular but for some reason, people like to carve rather than cook pie with pumpkin.
    One other thing that hasn’t caught on is pumpkin spice flavouring in everything 😃

    • Gary thanks for your thoughtful comment. Be glad that the ersatz pumpkin pie spice flavoring floating in coffee hasn’t made its way to you. Most people makes pies with canned pumpkin instead of fresh. There’s nothing wrong with cinnamon, ginger and pinch of cloves in a real pie but it shows up in food items and lattes this time of year in unexpected places. Seems the season starts earlier and earlier, too. I can’t imagine the expense of shipping heavy pumpkins so far away but I also noticed lots of Halloween decor items during my recent trip to Germany and Norway. A freshly baked pumpkin pie with a decent crust and a dollop oh heavy cream, whipped is expected after Thanksgiving dinner.

      • Ruth, I’ve enjoyed a pumpkin pie when I was a young man, made by a lady from my neighbourhood. It was a thing of beauty and tasted wonderful. I just can’t get my head around the fad for pumpkin spice lattes and cold milk drinks that I see people in North America mention on social media.
        I wish we had a thanksgiving tradition in Australia. I’d be happy to see a day dedicated to reconciliation with our Indigenous people. Our dessert though may end up being a pavlova with mangoes and passionfruit mixed in the whipped cream.

      • I’m glad you had a beautiful and delicious pumpkin pie. I may go to a supermarket and snag pics if ALL the pumpkin flavored stuff. You inspire me. It’s a craze for sure. I’m not sure how much actual reconciliation with our indigenous people occurs on the holiday but it’s necessary. Thanks again.

      • Sometimes I surprise myself. I live alone so I have to cook. I have friends who get a lot of takeaway, but I’m too cheap to do that 😂

      • You’re very kind Ruth. Thank you. I like to think, if I cook something myself it will be better for me.

  2. Does anybody have more fun than Charlie ? We do not think so. True happiness. Makes us smile.

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