Trio of Condiments in Kirkenes

Trio of condiments in the Kirkenes, Norway Airport. No, I didn’t take the opportunity to sample them or even read the ingredients. The visual sufficed. But they caught my eye for sure. Maybe you remember the American Sandwich Sauce pic from Berlin a couple of weeks ago.

6 thoughts on “Trio of Condiments in Kirkenes

  1. Oh how funny – and Ruth I wonder if they have chemicals (like high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors – and even some so called natural flavors have gunk ) but I am curious as to how they make these flavors –

  2. The pizza dressing looks interesting. I would have to give thst one a try. Your photos are inspiring and educational. Seems like we have traveled with you. Thank you for something new and different each morning.

  3. I would like to taste each one of them. It would be interesting to discover what the Norwegians put on their hot dogs, salads and pizza.

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