The Man Behind Me Laughed as I Photographed This

Last Friday I was invited to Grandparents’ Day at Michael’s school. I had such a wonderful time seeing his classrooms and meeting his teachers- but before that –

Coffee and doughnuts were served.

I had to look twice at the bottom left doughnut and yes, I pulled out my phone to document what I saw. The man behind me was laughing. I said, “I’m a blogger. I’ve never seen one before.”

Yes, it’s a Bacon Maple Doughnut! I didn’t sample it, just photographed it.

15 thoughts on “The Man Behind Me Laughed as I Photographed This

    • Hi Ann- thanks for your visit. I’m headed to vote, right across the street. Maybe I’ll have to drive somewhere to find a doughnut. With just the plain fat, no meat.

  1. Although these look inviting; I have to ask: Were there any low- sugar / carb items to select? A fruit and veggie plate ?

  2. Laugh away, dear men who have no clue. I would have photographed these doughnuts, too. You should have tried this doughnut. The salty and sweet are an ideal pairing. The flavors meld into deliciousness.

  3. Bacon is trendy but still mean to pigs, say I as a vegetarian–those donuts do look enormous and rather diverse in all except probably high sugar content! I hope someone enjoyed them.

  4. Bacon Maple sounds very Canadian to me, though I can’t say I would be tempted. Now, a chocolate doughnut with chocolate icing, or a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing – I would have said, “calories be damned”!

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