Unusual Umbrella Stand

The other morning at Bastone Auto. My car’s state inspection was due. I sat in a chair and waited for my ride. I asked where they’d gotten the umbrella stand. Found in someone’s trash!

I’ve never owned an umbrella stand. I rarely use an umbrella . But this one caught my eye.

You might remember the Bastone brothers from my People at Work Series.

12 thoughts on “Unusual Umbrella Stand

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING RUTH! Hope we don’t need Umbrella stands tomorrow and that
    it will be a beautiful day. Stay warm. Eat well! Love Erica

  2. Guess my comment did not post! Hope there is no need for an umbrella stand tomorrow!
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!! Stay warm. Enjoy your turkey!!! XOXOXO

  3. I’m impressed your state requires an annual auto inspection.

    I have also never owned an umbrella stand. It feels like a relic from a past time…

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