Underground Parking Garages Make One Wary

Underground Parking Garages Make One Wary. Six word Saturday.

Too many movies spark one’s imagination. Especially at night.

Shot horizontally Friday night under the Giant Eagle Marketplace in Shadyside.

If it’s standing on end, do let me know.

5 thoughts on “Underground Parking Garages Make One Wary

  1. The scary scene you have photographed is positioned correctly. I don’t like parking garages period!

  2. Your photo suggestts that we never know where and when danger is lurking. It evoked an eerie feeling. Our children fly quite a bit for their work. We worry when they walk to their cars in the airport parking lot especially at night when nobody is around. We especially worry about our daughter. Last Thursday she walked to her car at 11 PM after a flight from Las Vegas. Fortunately, she and a conworker car pooled. Not sute that one can always trust security either.

  3. Parking garages can definitely be spooky. I’m always a little on edge in them until I’m safely in my car with the doors locked.

    Side note: the photo is rendering correctly for me. 🙂

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