Fifty Years Ago Today

Sharon and Chuck celebrate their fiftieth anniversary today, January 24th, but the surprise party was last Saturday. Right in the middle of a winter storm.

Only a few people couldn’t make it due to the weather.

Kim and James planned the event and their mom and dad were definitely surprised.

When the caterers Tessa and Maria arrived with all the delicious food, despite the treacherous roads, we knew the party was a GO! Everyone had a wonderful time at Chuck and Sharon’s fiftieth anniversary celebration.

Once a schoolhouse, there was a slate blackboard where party guests wrote greeting with chalk.

Grandson Simon tied balloons onto the mailbox

Karon and Sharon

Charlie showing 5 and zero.

Tessa and Maria braved the elements to deliver the dinner.

Cake baked by EB Cakes

14 thoughts on “Fifty Years Ago Today

    • Thanks for your visit and good words, Ann. To feel the warmth in spite of the windchill is a great feeling inside.

  1. Congratulations to these folks, and I’m glad all had a lovely time. I was hoping to see the original wedding photo too!

  2. What a great photo essay. You tell a story of love and family and celebration and more in your images. The setting in a former country school, gotta love that. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.

    • Thanks for enjoying the anniversary party photos and feeling the love. ❤️ thanks Audrey.

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