Little Library in the Snow

My SIL James took this photo from the driver’s side, using my phone, on January 20 as we returned to Columbus. I’d seen the little library on our way into the street and I knew when we turned around, it wouldn’t be on my side. It’s the biggest Little Library I’ve seen.

11 thoughts on “Little Library in the Snow

  1. These open libraries are getting very popular. The other day I visited a blog with a picture of such a library in NZ. I have to keep my eyes open for one here in Canada.

    • I hope you find one. There is a little library association that has libraries mapped in Columbus OH.
      Thanks for your visit today

  2. I love the little libraries. My friend in Omaha has one in front of her house, along with a bench. She puts some blank notecards & pen inside and asks a question now and then for passersby. E.g., “Which author would you like to share this bench with?”

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