Throwback Thursday – January 29,2010

This Pink Toilet Waiting in the Snow was my post on January 29, 2010.

There wasn’t a single like clicked on it all those years ago. Was the “like” button feature not in place then?  It’s there now with a big zero.

I used to see a lot of toilets in odd places when I’d drive to school.  I guess in retirement I’m not driving around much in the early morning before garbage pick up.  If you’ve followed me since the beginning you will remember this one, I know.

11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – January 29,2010

    • My grandparents had a black toilet – it scared me when I was little! I did my business as fast as possible, then darted out of the bathroom without flushing.

    • See Elizabeth’s comment. Thanks Peter. Although there’s a like button on the old post now, the like button was instituted in aug 2010.

  1. If I opened a novel and the first sentence of the first chapter was “I used to see a lot of toilets in odd places when I’d drive to school.” I think I’d have to read on!

    • Cool that you discovered this. Thank you for looking it up as they hadn’t occurred to me to do so. The like button on the old post is unused now but I now know it wasn’t even an option then.

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