Sock Drawer

This is a photo of my daughter Laura’s sock drawer. She texted it to me. She knew it would make me happy.


Because I knit them for her. You’ve seen the Good and Plenty and Wonder Woman featured on the blog and the yarn her husband James bought on a business trip in Seattle. The colors of flowers at Pike Market. I see some Alaskan yarn too.

When she told me she loved wearing the hand knit socks, I felt motivated to knit more.

19 thoughts on “Sock Drawer

  1. I think you should have your readers end photos of their sock drawers …. I’m sure they are not as fun as this selection!

  2. How lovely! (Both the socks, and the love and care shared between the two of you.) It’s not often a blog post titled “Sock Drawer” is so deep. 🙂

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