Who Remembers Bizarre Bazaar Items?

I have this old, approximately the 1960’s,  PATONS 65 cents pamphlet with knitting patterns for Bazaar Items.  Corn cob slippers, tea cozies, toilet roll covers and poodle bottle covers to name a few.  I see that the same booklet can be purchased on Ebay for about four bucks now.

Not sure if anyone still has a dolly or poodle sitting on top of their toilet tank with a spare roll of toilet paper hidden underneath.

10 thoughts on “Who Remembers Bizarre Bazaar Items?

  1. We had the poodle pattern! Mam’s house was full of that kind of thing, and I only recently got rid of her old- and I do mean old- patterns 🙁 Happy Saturday, Ruth!

  2. Those tissue covers bring me back to my childhood and my grandmother’s house. Thanks for the memories!

  3. I remember all of those things but we didn’t have any of them. Mother quilted so everything was quilted.

  4. I remember those those poodles! Not sure where I saw them though. Mother had a horror of knitted cosies in the bathroom. Thank goodness.

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