Popcorn. Yes or No?

I had no idea that popcorn has been around as long as the following entry says–

“Archaeologists discovered that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years. In Mexico, for example, remnants of popcorn have been found that date circa 3600 BC. Fossil evidence from Peru suggests that corn was popped as early as 4700 BC.” Wikipedia

Kernels popped on stovetop, in a mixture of coconut and olive oil. Lightly salted but unbuttered

Popcorn. Yes or No?

Who Remembers Bizarre Bazaar Items?

I have this old, approximately the 1960’s,  PATONS 65 cents pamphlet with knitting patterns for Bazaar Items.  Corn cob slippers, tea cozies, toilet roll covers and poodle bottle covers to name a few.  I see that the same booklet can be purchased on Ebay for about four bucks now.

Not sure if anyone still has a dolly or poodle sitting on top of their toilet tank with a spare roll of toilet paper hidden underneath.

Lala and Her Lap Dog

Happy Birthday Laura.  

(Didn’t  Erika coin your nickname, Lala? )

What is the definition of a “lap dog”?

A dog who is able to sit on your lap.

Laura and her Lap Dog 1


Penny is a lap dog.



Laura and familyYou at the farm with husband James and his sister Kim and Penny, and niece Anna.



Laura and AnnaEveryone loves Aunt Lala.


Laura jumpigCorny.  But fun.   A jump at the farm.  Hope your birthday feels just like this.

I am so excited you are here in the Burgh. Good timing on the wedding weekend so you get to come to Pittsburgh.



Angel Food CakeI baked an Angel Food cake. Not sure why I did it in this Angel Food loaf pan this time.  Looks a tad cracked on top.

You always called it CLOUD CAKE.

We’ll add some fresh berries and ice cream.


Laura and Her Lap Dog (1)

Without the shades this time. Thanks.  love you lots.

Happy Birthday dear daughter.  Love. Ma


Wisconsin Feed Corn Does the Trick

Lovingly stitched by a grandmother in Wisconsin, you put this pillow in the microwave for 3- 5 minutes.  The heat emanates from the corn and is soothing for aches and pains. It holds heat a long time and has the softest flannel pillow case. You slip the pillow in or out so you can launder the case. Her phone # was on the pillow ticking and that is how people know about her.  I was fortunate my friend lent me her pillow for healing purposes since the “being rear-ended last Friday accident.”   I hear they are great to take to bed everyday, especially in the winter.  Every once in awhile if you use the pillow a lot, you need to return moisture to the corn inside-  pop the pillow in the freezer for a day. Then heat again. Not sure the official name of these handcrafted pillows but they are wonderful. R-E-L-I-E-F.   I called her today and ordered three.  Fifteen bucks each plus shipping.  Worth it!


Hot soup
Buttered toast
A call from a friend.
Murphy curled up at your feet.
Grandmother’s soft cotton quilt.
And a friend knows just what to lend.

Husks on the Front Porch Before Dinner

Oven fried chicken, red skinned mashed, zucchini, mixed greens with balsamic and olive oil, sliced peaches with a lemon squeezed on them, chocolate  Truffles from Betsy Ann Chocolates(courtesy of Vincie)and corn on the cob that James’ parents grew in Ohio, butter and salt and pepper.   It was a summer dinner. Two of my three grown children home accompanied by their significant other.  Happy mother.

Laura and James Husked the Corn for Dinner
Laura and James Husked the Corn for Dinner