1984 Quilt Started With a National Geographic Map

We lived in Clarion PA in 1981 and I created this State Capitals Quilt for my 5 year old son Mark ( he’ll turn 43 next month). Bicentennial baby. My grandmother actually knit a red white and blue Afghan to match.  Anyway, Mark  learned all the capitals of the states at an early age thanks to my dad. It’s fun to hear a two year old say “Sacramento.”

I’ve seen the quilt in grandson Michael’s and also in Jack’s room but today it was hanging over the banister  here in Ohio so thought I’d post it.

I used a National Geographic map as the template for the states, machine  appliquéing them onto the squares in the order they entered the union. Delaware and Maryland  State the First square. I embroidered the capital on each. Texas and Alaska are on a different Scale so they’d fit onto the their square. I wish I knew how many miles to the inch  The last square I embroidered a bit of the Nation’s Capital.

Then my Aunt Rhea and my cousin Beth (both whom have passed)  took it to their church quilting group in Illinois and the group hand quilted it, completing in 1984. We were living in Germany that year. I can’t remember having it there but must have been reunited with it in 1986 when we moved stateside to Kentucky.

12 thoughts on “1984 Quilt Started With a National Geographic Map

  1. What a beautiful labor of love this is Ruth. And I remember being impressed by Mark’s ability to name all the state capitols at such a young age.

    • Thanks Audrey. I’d forgotten about it until I’ve been staying here in Ohio recovering from flu and pneumonia and there it was. A great find! Good memories

  2. Oh my goodness, this is stunning! And wonderful that many people in your family had a hand in the creation of this treasure.

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