Rocking Horses in the City

Found a new rocking horse in the city on Wednesday night. East Liberty near the Fireside Grill. Where Zeke’s Coffee roasts their beans. Must be Zeke’s mascot?

Here’s a Gallery of rocking horses seen around Pittsburgh, from previous blogposts.


5 thoughts on “Rocking Horses in the City

  1. Especially interesting because it appears not all of them are discarded. Some are just outdoor horses? Thanks for giving these toys a moment in the spotlight!

  2. We had one for many years. We received it from an elderly neighbor on our street. The kids loved it. Even our grandchildren rode it. Some of the rides were pretty wild. We passed it on to another family. Not sure where it is now. It is interesting that you find so many. Some in unlikely places…

  3. You have quite an eye for spotting things! That’s the artist in you! Very observant!

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