Homemade Devil Dogs and Store Bought Snowballs

A couple of weeks ago I was given a homemade Devil Dog from Priscilla, my friend Jen’s mother. She hails from Connecticut.  I haven’t seen her mom’s original recipe but I found another one for Devil Dogs in my old Junk Food Cookbook by Lydia Sager.

Her individually wrapped Chocolate home baked Devil Dog snack cake tasted really good.

I’m serious.

I couldn’t find commercial Devil Dogs in the grocery store. Here are some coconut marshmallow skin covered chocolate Snowballs snack cakes filled with probably hydrogenated fat.

I purchased these at Weiland’s Market and Kroger in Columbus a few weeks ago.

Thanks Steve got helping taste these. I think you can keep these indefinitely and they don’t get moldy.

So would you eat one?



5 thoughts on “Homemade Devil Dogs and Store Bought Snowballs

  1. As I am not much of a sweets eater I might take a bite of the homemade Devil Dog( reminds me of a Whoopie Pie). I would never buy nor eat that store bought concoction. Yuck!

  2. Only if they had lots of mold on them. The penicillin would probably kill off the poison within.

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