Ketchup Soda? And/Or/Nor Dill Pickle Soda?

This morning as I parked on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Strip District a young woman came out to the sidewalk with the Ketchup Soda sign. Now I was on my way to get a coffee at La Prima Espresso but on the way back to my car I thought I have to see what Ketchup Soda looks like.

and here it is on the shelf at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop 

Which flavor would you sample to see how it tastes?

I’ll make a return trip to purchase an


4 thoughts on “Ketchup Soda? And/Or/Nor Dill Pickle Soda?

  1. Pickle soda. I think. If you try it If you try it let your blog readers know how it is!

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