Born in 1895 Throwback Thursday

On the left.

My paternal grandmother, Mary Alta Kerr, born February 7, 1895  and her brother and sister. I need to do more research, dig around in a box, to get info on her siblings details. I know she called her sister “Sis”.

This is the grandmother who taught me to knit when I was little. No date on the photo. She looks to be 5 or 6? Maybe 1900-1901?

Mary Alta Kerr Hendricks passed March 13,1979 and is buried in Morrisonville, Illinois.

Mary Alta, Sarah and Will Kerr in Illinois

3 thoughts on “Born in 1895 Throwback Thursday

  1. Wow – the clothes are so period perfect and nice throwback photo – I remember hearing that for many phases the smile in photographing was not the norm like it is today

  2. I can’t believe kids dressed like that all the time. Can you imagine? Not enjoyable for the parent doing the dressing (those shoes!), nor for the child wearing them all day (those collars!).

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