Substitutes for Conversation Hearts


The iconic Necco conversation hearts are no longer made.😢

My sister sent out the Brach’s version to the grandkids.  I tasted one and spit it out in the trash but I will say she warned me prior to my putting it in my mouth.

Missing the chalky taste and flavors of the original.


But they looked festive so I photographed them along with the cinnamon hearts she mailed.

Happy Valentine’s Day



11 thoughts on “Substitutes for Conversation Hearts

  1. Obviously an American brand I’m not familiar with, we had ‘love hearts’ any time of year in the UK, Ruth. Sherbet based. 🙂 🙂 Happy Valentine’s!

  2. Cheerios have limited edition heart shapes. They taste much better. Happy Valentine’s Day Ruth E!❤️

  3. If I’m going to eat candy hearts, make mine Betsy Ann Chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. These do look terribly fancy – but they are no replacement for the lovely little hearts with the stamped phrases on them. 🙁

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