How Do You Like Your Toast?

How do you feel about toast?

Although I’ve burned toast on occasion this Duolit Toaster does a magnificent job, really toasting the bread properly. A milestone birthday gift from my friend Vincie. It’s  almost eighteen years ago, oh my.  It has served me well and is still going strong. I should have polished it for the photo.

What a vehicle for butter, Toast is! How do you like your toast? Jam?Jelly? Honey? Cheese? Avocado?

My granddaughter Anna’s artwork on the mug, at least a decade since it was given to me.

Here’s my sister’s Old School toaster in NYC from a blog post six years ago

Can you find one like my sister’s toaster in the museum collection? A toaster collection at the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine Florida

Did you know there a song about toast? My SIL James sent this Heywood Banks Toast, Yeah Toast Song which has had millions of views on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Toast?

  1. I love the photos of all of the toasters. Mary’s toaster is my favorite. I have no idea how it works, but it’s a gem to look at. Thanks for an unusual and interesting post today.

  2. The toaster collection is fascinating. It shows the evolution of the toaster, something I never thought of previously. And I really like your granddaughter’s artwork on the mug.

  3. I like my toast lightly burnt with peanut butter or avocado. I love the toast video! Thanks Ruth for making me smile!

  4. Your second toaster image is a relic! We have a toaster oven, and it amazes me: it looks like nothing is happening, then in the last 10 seconds of toasting a golden brown spreads across the toast like magic.

    I love a variety of toast toppings: butter & jelly, jelly & cream cheese, avocado and tomatoes, cream cheese & tomatoes, cheese and tomatoes….

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