• a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.

There are two pronunciations of souvenir  (soo-vuhneer or soovuh-neer) Which do you say?

Perhaps you avoid collecting souvenirs, adding to the accumulation.  I have a few examples. A salt and pepper shaker from Yellowstone Park purchased in 1963 by me.  A Volksmarch Stein and a ceramic tile from Grafenwoehr Germany where we lived for three years 1983-1986. A dish towel. Christmas ornaments (from my Ohio family’s collection) a refrigerator magnet with Beignets.

In our city there is a shop up on Mt. Washington called love, Pittsburgh where you can get Pittsburgh themed gifts. The Florida pillow was in the U of Florida bookstore but I did not purchase it. The demitasse cup and saucer from a favorite restaurant, La Cucina Flegrea, no longer in business.

Do you keep a souvenir or two or three? Any special mementos of a place you have visited?  My sister’s Coney Island Paperweight was a souvenir in Saturday’s gallery.

When my friend Ann sees this post she will write and say “Pitch them!”

7 thoughts on “Souvenir

  1. Oh too many Ruth. I try to stop myself, but there is always, that one postcard, the fridge magnet, something which will be a keepsake. So a Dala horse from Sweden, ceramics from Italy, guidebooks from everywhere, a piece of the Berlin Wall given to me by a friend, a scarf from Greece, a piece of driftwood from Skye, a paper Tui bird from New Zealand….

    • Isobel I loved finding your collection of souvenirs in the comments this morning. Thank you for sharing your lovely collection.

  2. This will not come as a surprise to you, but most of my souvenirs are sports related! I do have some refrigerator magnets from places we’ve visited. Even I, a tosser, hold some souvenirs dear.

  3. I’m not a big fan of souvenirs, but do appreciate pictures of places I’ve been, and/or hand-made items from people I know. (And I pronounce it “soo-vihn-EER”.)

  4. I love bringing home souvenirs, it’s like bringing a little piece of the experience home to treasure and remind me that it wasn’t just a dream lol. 🤗🔆

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