Souvenir Guest Gallery

Guest Contributions to Today’s Souvenir Gallery.

A follow-on post  from Tuesday’s Post- Souvenir 

Sometimes you purchase the souvenir yourself, and sometimes a souvenir is brought to you as a gift from a traveling friend.

________________________________Souvenirs from Mary


____________________________________Souvenirs from Joanne

_______________________________Souvenirs from Vincie-

______________Terry’s souvenir mug from Norway, just over a month in her possession

____________________________Yvette’s Souvenir Refrigerator Magnets

___________________________________Bobbie’s Souvenirs –

Postcard from London from my sister Mary.  I found it on my fridge today.

9 thoughts on “Souvenir Guest Gallery

  1. Interesting that two of your guests had the same souvenir. When I first started travelling extensively, largely on business, I collected frogs from different places. Now I have way too many and I’ve stopped.

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