Germany 1984 Throwback Thursday

My parents visited when we lived in Germany. I drove them to see Munich, Garmisch, Berchtesgaden and then onto Salzburg, Austria. It was a Bavarian Alps Road Trip. Here they are posing for me with their grandchildren Mark, Matthew and Laura. It was a happy time together.

Tourists outside the Gasthaus.

12 thoughts on “Germany 1984 Throwback Thursday

  1. Ruth, I was in Berghausen in 2011, my husband
    Worked for Wacker a chemical company that had labs in Allentown ,Pa. They have a lab in Berghausen and an office in Munich. While David was in the labs I explored Berghausen, the old city and walked across the bridge to Austria. We only got to spend one day in Saltzburg. On our way to the airport to return home, David had a meeting at Wacker’s head quater’s in Munich and I was given a private tour of Munich. I wish we had extended our stay because a few months later they retired him. I would love to go back someday .

    • Thanks for telling me about your trip. I know why you would have liked to extend your visit. I’m glad you wrote your comment today.

  2. This photo is a precious gem. Your parents and the kids all look so happy. This captures such a wonderful memory. It might be nice to have hard copies of this made for Mark, Matthew and Laura. Framed they would make lovely Christmas presents.

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