The Neighbor’s Hydrangeas

I’ve seen quite a few photos of hydrangeas on other blogs lately. These looked especially lush.

I just received word from Happy DIY Home “We just published an updated, comprehensive guide on 27 perennial flowers that come back every year. It is completely free and you can find it here: with 27 Perennials listed. 
Check it out 

“The name hydrangea comes from the Greek words “hydor” meaning water and “angos” meaning vessel. Which together roughly translate to “water barrel”. This is because of the fact that hydrangeas are notorious for needing lots of water and the cup shaped flowers. The name, Hortensia, is a Latin version of the French word Hortense.” From plant Addicts click to read all about Hydrangeas

Thanks Kelly.

4 thoughts on “The Neighbor’s Hydrangeas

  1. Lovely! I have spent about 10 hours this past week in our back yard, doing some massive weeding – and discovered we have a large patch of white hydrangeas in there. Who knew? 🙂

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