Aunt Edna and Friends in 1916

My Great Aunt Edna is on the far left.  Unfortunately, she’s the only woman I can identify. The caption says “Doris Feb. 2, 1916”   My maternal side, from Edna’s sister’s photo album, Charlotte, my grandmother.  Edna was born in 1890 and passed at 100 in 1990. So she’s 26 Years old in this photograph. Durand, Illinois.  Aunt Edna and Uncle Edgar did not have any children. He passed in 1965.

5 thoughts on “Aunt Edna and Friends in 1916

  1. Oh my…love your old photos. It is fun to look at them and try to imagine their lives lived so many years ago! Their joys, aspirations, struggles, challenges as young women in thise years …

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