Hungarian Csoroge

Aunt Linda made these Hungarian Csoroge

Can you pronounce it?
here’s a recipe

also known as Angel Wings, traditionally fried in hot lard.

there are similar fried dough recipes from: Poland (chrusciki, kruschicki) Italy (frappe or cioffe -bowtie cookies) Lithuania-(ausuki).  Croatia-(Kroštule)

here’s a link to Nut Roll slideshow 

Pretty plate from my friend Joanne.


17 thoughts on “Hungarian Csoroge

  1. Love your food and flower blogs!!! Great plate for a gal with a 4th of July Birthday!!!! 🙂 OXO

  2. Looks delicious! Loved the Nut Roll Slide Show . It was so cute watching these nut rolls come together, they turned out beautiful.

    • These are fried in hot oil or fat . Scones are baked. I like them both. Thank for looking and writing today

      • Who doesn’t like fried, greasy and hot? I wish I could. I’ll save the recipe for when I have guests. I think it will make a wonderful breakfast treat for coffee or tea. Thanks again …

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