Ornament Sparks Memories

I received the loveliest email from friends Rob and Mary in Florida. Their tree was up and decorated and they were talking about where different ornaments came from. Rob sent me this photo he took of a Santa I gave them years ago when we all lived in Kentucky and our boys were in school together. Rob has been featured as a pie judge*and also in the gallery of veterans I post annually. Thank you for writing and sending the photo. ❤️

Do you have any ornaments that evoke happy memories?

*Here’s Rob as a pie judge

7 thoughts on “Ornament Sparks Memories

  1. Every ornament on our tree has a special story. I love hearing Mary tell the story of every ornament of when we got it, who gave it to us, etc. As we get older the stories get longer and the memories more precious. Thank you Ruth for memories that go far beyond this beautiful ornament you gave to us.

  2. Every time we put up our tree, many memories pour from the ornaments we add. If an ornament doesn’t hold special meaning for us, it doesn’t go on our tree. Our decor is not ‘fancy”, but it is incredibly meaningful – and I’ll take that over “picture perfect” any day.

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