Owl in Massachusetts Guest Blog

During the Pandemic, I’ve been fortunate to receive photos from family and friends who live in different locations. They contribute to the blog and add interest. This is a collaborative effort by neighbors in Massachusetts.

I received a photo of an owl sitting on a snow covered wall from my longtime friend Linda Dempster.

Photo by Linda Dempster

Later Linda sent me another photo of the owl who’d flown up in a tree. She’d received it from her neighbor. I asked her to ask the neighbor if they’d consent to the owl in the tree photo being posted on the blog. So thank you Linda and neighbor Anne Laibe Bertalino for the interesting owl photos and being the guest bloggers today.

Perfectly framed by the branches.
Photo by Anne Laibe Bertalino.
Look at those owl eyes! Wonderful capture, Anne.

In 2012 my most popular post was from guest blogger Shuey in Florida with his barred owl photo.

8 thoughts on “Owl in Massachusetts Guest Blog

  1. Beautiful pictures! Owls seem to look right through a person with those big eyes!

  2. These photos are evidence that nature is a priceless gift. We should not take it for granted. Your friends took time to recognize the nature’s value and photograph the owl in the snow and share it with you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Omg, I love owls, they are so nice to have around. We have hoot owls here and I look forward to hearing them. Thanks Linda, Ruth and neighbor for sharing.

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