What’s your Word of the Year? and Why? A Guest Blog

Guest blog with credit to Colleen and JB

Do you pick one word or phrase as your focus for the upcoming new year? Choosing a word can work as a meaningful guide throughout the year and be a compass for your goals.

Old friends Colleen and JB live far from one another, but for the past several years they meet on January 1st via telephone for their annual “summit”. They discuss their goals and dreams for the future. They come prepared with lists, notes, ideas for “word of the year” as well as a glass of champagne to make an optimistic toast.

The discussion always includes the usual topics like diet and exercise goals and often include budget/debt worries, creative ideas and travel plans. They bring their calendars to plan out a few trips to see one another (well, not this year!). It’s really refreshing to share a friend’s dreams and commit in writing to creative projects or specific action plans. They talk again frequently to check in on progress and offer support.

This year’s words:

Colleen ~ BREATHE. It’s been a stressful year with more to come, and the isolation has her wound up tight. Family health issues are all consuming and make her feel like a little helpless. Big on her action list are meditation, creativity as a release, and taking a good deep breath often.

JB ~ GRACE. Adopted from a book by Melanie Dale Calm the H*ck Down acronym “Gratitude, Read, Adapt, Create, and Engage.” All needed right now to navigate through this unusual and unknown territory ahead.

Colleen’s Summit Prep
JB’s table
JB’s sister starts the new year with a new box of chocolates
Colleen’s black-eyed peas and bacon soup

*Editors Note:If you need inspiration to find a word for the year you can click here to get to a list of 150 possibilities at Happiness is Homemade

8 thoughts on “What’s your Word of the Year? and Why? A Guest Blog

  1. I’ve been writing words on my mirror for weeks now, trying to see which word speaks to me. Today I decided on improve Thanks for sharing, love the creative way Colleen & JR celebrated.

  2. Don’t know if I can choose one word. Maybe TRAVEL because I miss it so much and I hope to get it back in 2021!

  3. What a fantastic tradition! And I personally love anything that involves/includes chocolates. 🙂 If I had to pick a word, I’d probably choose ‘trust’.

  4. JB is always up to something! I remember meeting Colleen once or twice when I was little. A friendship like theirs, connected despite the distance, is such an inspiration!

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